This is the online home of Dee Aditya— (wannabe) author, (sort of) designer, (excellent) procrastinator.

I write M/M romance with characters who are silly, grumpy, flirty, annoying, or a combination of everything. Themes of family, friendship, love and silliness will always be prominent in stories I write, because how a person interacts with the rest of the world says so much about them.

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Series- Indelible
Love like coffee series


Suck- cover   khwahish- cover



I have a blog where I put up these little stories in the category “Thursday’s Tiny Tales” and post updates on my life. This is where you need to go if you want to know what’s happening with my stories and my life in general, and read some cute or sappy or funny stuff that ranges from 100-1500 words. (And they’re free to read).

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I’m Dee, I like trash memes because I am a trash meme. I’m an Aquarius, so I suppose that tells you I’m a little strange and a little random but a really friendly person on the whole. I like coffee and shiny things and animal videos.

I also design Book covers.

Currently I’m writing M/M, but eventually there will be other pairings. Love will always be a prominent feature. There might be funny/ sweet/ angsty/ cheesy/ fluffy stuff, or some combination of those. Genre wise too, I don’t know if I will stick to Contemporary or Dystopian. I’ll probably write all sorts of things. Who knows what the future holds?

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Feel free to get in touch! I love hearing back from people 🙂