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I write M/M romance and fanfiction with characters who are silly, grumpy, flirty, annoying, or a combination of everything. Themes of family, friendship, love and silliness will always be prominent in stories I write, because how a person interacts with the rest of the world says so much about them.

I also am a hobbyist graphic designer, and I like making book covers and just mucking around with Photoshop in general.
I do multiple things and this website is the one place to find links to all my creative pursuits.




Series- Indelible
Love like coffee series


Suck- cover   khwahish- cover


Short fiction

I post little stories in the category “Thursday’s Tiny Tales” and post updates on my life in my blog. This is where you go if you want to read some cute, sappy, funny or sexy stuff that ranges from 100-1500 words. (And they’re free to read).

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I write fanfiction for anime including but not limited to Bleach, Saiyuki and My Hero Academy.
All fanfiction is hosted on Archive Of Our Own. I do not profit from fan work.

My user icon is the same across all my fandom stuff.

Graphic Design

I do book cover design and also other graphic design. I love mucking around on Photoshop. Visit my portfolio!


I’m Dee, AKA Airy. I like trash memes because I am a trash meme. I’m an Aquarius, and an INFJ; make of that what you will. I like coffee and shiny things and animal videos.

I have a full-time job working in a lab. When I’m home I mostly procrastinate on writing, arting, or doing chores. I have always written and will continue to write romance because I enjoy it. My romance is funny, cheesy, angsty, fluffy or some combination of those.

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